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Free Live Masterclass: Plan for Profit

This is a 60-minute live training that will teach you how to plan your 2024 business marketing with proven strategies to increase your impact and revenue. In this class, we’ll go beyond the basics to outline an effective and sustainable digital marketing strategy based on YOUR BRAND’s journey.

Rachael Mattice Presenting at Agorapulse’s 2022 Agency Summit

Do you have systems in place for when your social media accounts — or your clients’ social media accounts — go viral and gain 10,000 followers overnight? You have a gigantic influx of DM’s and questions from followers in the comments that your team needs to respond to in an “on brand” way — and fast— to maintain that high level of customer satisfaction.Or, what happens when yet another national tragedy strikes on the day of your clients’ new collection launch? Do you have a crisis communication system in place for how to respond internally and communicate with your clients’ customers on social media?The answer to both scenarios is community management, and not JUST community management, but establishing an easy-to-follow system of “on brand” responses and protocols that your agency, your clients and any new hires can follow. An established community management system will not only maintain — but amplify — your clients’ brand reputation, customer satisfaction and (arguably the most important for you) alleviate unnecessary stress on your team.