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Meet your go-to Chief Creative Officer and marketing team

Call us your creative agency or just call us for a cup of coffee, we’re here to serve you. We’re a team of artists, creatives and strategists led by RM Creative Services’ founder Rachael Mattice.

We thrive on turning leaders and brands like you into rockstars, and help you define, market, launch and scale your personality-fueled business online by defining your statement pieces - you and your brand. It’s time we turn the spotlight on you and amplify your unique voice.

RM Creative Services offers a mix of done-for-you creative services, strategic consulting and free online education, centered around a community, impact and results-driven approach.

You’ve got big plans, and we’re excited to bring them to life with you. Ready to take your brand to the next level?

That’s what we do best. Welcome to RM Creative Services.

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Get to Know Rachael Mattice


Nice to “digitally” meet you! I’m Rachael Mattice, the main marketing maven behind RM Creative Services.

Hustle, integrity and hard work are values that came with my Midwestern upbringing that I brought with me throughout my corporate career. I held prestigious leadership roles like Group Managing Editor to Content Director to Social Media Strategist managing complex campaigns and initiatives for small businesses and multi-billion-dollar corporations … all while building my personal brand as a freelance journalist, copywriter and photographer.

But I found the clients I was working with in my corporate jobs were seeking to work with me one-on-one. I realized that I was already building my own personal brand, I just needed to amplify it in a style that spoke to who I was and the clients I wanted to work with.

And just like that … RM Creative Services was born.

Rachael Mattice

Our Values and Promise to You

We’re responsive, attentive and diplomatic of your wants and needs. Given our Midwestern roots, we are transparent and upfront in negotiations, clear in our vision and have a strong work ethic that delivers

Concise and truthful communication is crucial to us. We will always ask questions and reiterate our notes to clearly communication that our goals, objectives, prices, strategy and decisions are in alignment up front

Staying abreast of emerging trends in social media as well as new styles, we’re dedicated to providing the most unique and original content that is built on an effective strategy.

We are both humbled and honored whenever we are able to take on a new project and recognize you’re entrusting us with your reputation and brand. We aim to guard that trust so that we can continue to build relationships beyond our collaborative marketing efforts.

Ready to amplify your brand and get this show on the road?

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