Who they are

Acid Queen Jewelry is a Southern California-based jewelry and home decor brand led by maker and creatrix, Alex. The brand is a talisman for her customers’ inner self, harnessing the power of stories and stones to guide your energy. It’s a tool for style and spirit.⁣

What we did

Social Media Marketing Channel Audit (Instagram) + Influencer Marketing Management + 1:1, 90-Minute Social Media Strategy Sessions


While Acid Queen has built up a loyal following over the years, Alex came to us wanting to expand her brand, grow her social media presence and build an even larger coven of like-minded customers who were on the same spellbinding journey.⁣ Our objective was to conduct an in-depth Instagram Channel Audit, and develop a robust annual strategy focused on Instagram - her primary source of sales on social media.

Our Approach

Develop a full social media marketing strategy with actionable, quarter-by-quarter goals and priorities. All centered around their primary sales channel on social media - Instagram. This included:

  • A detailed roadmap for their content strategy
  • Partnership/Influencer/Creator strategy
  • Social media creative direction revamp
  • Advertising audit and strategy


RM Creative Services focused solely on auditing and amplifying Acid Queen Jewelry's main social media sales channel — Instagram. The range of areas where quantifiable outcomes were produced were high. Here are a few of the outcomes, by the numbers.

  • Increased reach by 20% in 90 days - 125,000
  • Over 20,000 profile visits in 90 days, a 15% increase
  • Over 3,2000 new followers in 90 days, a 45% increase
  • Over 30,000 post engagements (likes, comments, saves, shares) in 90 days

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