Who they are

For the Fly Customs

For the Fly Customs is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in creating custom alternative leather, vegan leather and stage wear accessories and clothing. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the husband and wife duo behind the brand – Keith and Emmi Thompson – craft everything from jackets and muir caps to chokers, boot straps and harnesses.

What we did

Audit and Annual Strategy Development


Analyze For the Fly Customs’ overall marketing efforts, with a specific focus on their social media accounts — their number one driver of website traffic and sales — and create a detailed roadmap to help define goals, objectives, strategics and tactics to elevate their overall brand and extend its global footprint.

Already an established brand with high-quality imagery and a robust social media following, For the Fly Customs came to us for clarity and actionable solutions to their marketing challenges.

Our Approach

When we partnered with For the Fly, we started with an in-depth SWOT analysis, evaluated their target audiences, messaging and current digital marketing performance.

Once we completed the analysis, we built out strategic annual goals and smaller quarterly goals that reflected what they wanted to accomplish in their business.

What they said