Who they are

Hunt Illustration

Jon Hunt is the owner and illustrator behind both Hunt Illustration and CreepyEepz brands. While his artistry ranges (and differs) across both brands—from fantasy and horror themed to whimsical and light-hearted—he’s an expert at creating striking designs for the unique and unusual.

What we did

Marketing Audit and Annual Strategy Development


Analyze both Hunt Illustration and CreepyEepz’s overall marketing efforts, and create a detailed roadmap to help define goals, objectives, strategics and tactics to elevate the overall brands, increase awareness and increase sales.

Our Approach

When we partnered with Jon Hunt, we started with an in-depth SWOT analysis, evaluated their target audiences, messaging and current digital marketing performance.

Once we completed the analysis, we built out strategic annual goals and smaller quarterly goals that reflected what they wanted to accomplish in their business.

What they said