Who they are

Outsourced Fashion Consulting

Outsourced Fashion Consulting is a full-package product development and clothing manufacturing agency based in Los Angeles, California. They bridge the gap between fashion brands and manufacturers, and offer a range of services from sourcing materials to designing patterns.

What we did

Customized Color Palette + Website Copywriting + Branding Photography and Videography + Social Media Management + Paid Social Media Management.


Introduce the world to Outsourced Fashion Consulting, its founder Natasha Pavlica, service offerings and client portfolio. Because Outsourced Fashion Consulting was a new brand, we focused on foundational branding and marketing components to establish a cohesive, memorable and polished brand identity. Once we finished the pre-launch elements, our objectives switched to increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to the OFC website and attracting qualifying leads for the business.

Our Approach

When we first partnered with OFC, we started by developing new messaging and conducting target audience research to ensure any outreach efforts would connect with the brand’s core principles and values.

We built out OFC’s branding properties, including:

  • A customized color palette
  • Website copywriting
  • Branding photo and video shoot

After the first phase of development was complete, we built out social media frameworks for Instagram and LinkedIn and developed strategic social media calendars that communicated OFC’s unique value proposition.

  • Organic social media account setup and optimization
  • Social media management: Calendar creation, strategy, graphic design, copywriting, hashtag research, data analysis
  • Paid social media management: Account setup, optimization, strategy, graphic design, video copywriting, data analysis
  • Video assets: Social media videos and social media advertising videos


After the initial asset development and captures were complete, RM Creative Services launched Outsourced Fashion Consulting’s Instagram and LinkedIn Channels. Here are a few outcomes, by the numbers.

  • Over a dozen qualified business leads within two weeks of launching paid social media ads
  • Over 100 website traffic conversions within two weeks of launching paid social media ads
  • More than 80 organic LinkedIn personal page followers in two months”

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