Who they are

DRENCHEDskin® is a Los Angeles, California-based vegan skin and haircare company. Their mission is to make efficacious and purposeful products. Each ingredient is chosen carefully and consciously so you can feel comfortable with what you are putting on your body and have minimal to no impact on the environment.

What we did

Short-Form Video Shoot for Social Media Content (TikTok and Instagram)


Elevate DRENCHEDSkin brand's visibility as well as its founder, Alexis Hernandez. Because DRENCHEDSkin is an established brand with a loyal local customer base, our focus was to help create new, engaging content to reach a broader audience. Our goal was to increase brand awareness, driving traffic to the DRENCHEDSkin social media pages and website, attracting qualified leads for the business.

Our Approach

When we first partnered with DRENCHEDSkin, we with conducting target audience research to ensure any content creation efforts would connect with the brand’s core principles and values.

After the first phase of development was complete, we built out social media video frameworks and scripts for Instagram and TikTok and developed strategic social media videos that communicated DRENCHEDSkin's unique value proposition.

  • Target audience and market research
  • Social media video script copywriting and storyboarding
  • Professional video production setup, lighting, audio and editing
  • Video assets: Social media videos for Instagram and TikTok


"SO professional and organized! Rachael and her team were so friendly and easy to get along with the whole duration of this project pre and post production. We filmed all day resulting in 8 weeks of content to share on my social media platforms. Throughout preparation for the shoot I received consistent updates and reminders that were extremely helpful. I was really able to see the vision of the work before the actual production day because it was relayed so clearly. The first reel posted from the video shoot has been one of my top videos! It's a struggle for me to be consistent with content to post and this project has taken weight off my shoulders because I have pre-planned posts. A huge THANK YOU to RM Creative Services for their detailed and hard work <3"

-Alexis Hernandez, Founder of DRENCHEDSkin

TikTok and Instagram Videos