Who they are

Elizabeth Rowan Yoga

Elizabeth Rowan empowers spiritual women to pursue business and life transformations that will radically improve their holistic wellness and path on this earth.

What we did

Full-Day Brand Photo and Video Shoot (240 photos and 30 videos) + Social Media Management


Elevate the Elizabeth Rowan Yoga brand and its founder as a thought leader and expert in the business coaching, yoga and wellness industries. Create artful, mystical and storybook-like visuals to amplify the brand's content. Streamline social media processes, create consistency, connect and build a community with target audiences, and increase overall leads and sales for the business through social media marketing.

Our Approach

When we first partnered with Elizabeth Rowan, we started by developing moodboards and creative direction for her elevated brand visuals. Because Elizabeth's brand touches on themes in mysticism, nature and astrology, we capitalized on Southern California's jaw-dropping scenery to capture artful, storybook-like brand imagery with intentional props. We new these elements would not only help her connect with her target audience, but make her stand out from the crowd in the yoga industry.

In total, we captured at her "Full-Day Brand Photo and Video Shoot":

  • Over 240 photos
  • Over 30 videos, including drone footage
  • Shot at two locations in Los Angeles, CA

After the brand shoot was complete, we built out social media frameworks for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and her private Facebook Group.

Together, we created a consistent and strategic social media posting schedule that aligned with Elizabeth’s goals and lifestyle. Through this new schedule, Elizabeth was able to post at a higher cadence than she was previously with high-quality content that connected with her audience. This increased overall followers, engagement and leads on her Instagram account, Facebook account and some LinkedIn.

We also created a new strategy to consistently schedule Facebook Group posts, bring in new group members/leads, and engage existing leads through live trainings that aided in more sales! Most importantly, Elizabeth gained even more confidence in social media, learned about her limits and where she needs more support for long-term sustainability.

What We Did for Her Social Media:

  • Organic social media account optimization
  • Social media management: Calendar creation, strategy, graphic design, copywriting, hashtag research, data analysis


After the initial asset development and captures were complete, RM Creative Services managed social media for the launch of two of her signature programs. Here are a few outcomes, by the numbers:

  • A 155% increase in organic Facebook reach, and 38% increase in organic Instagram reach
  • A 105% increase in qualified Instagram followers
  • A 16% increase in Instagram profile visits
  • 95% increase in growth of new members, new posts being published and engagement within her private Facebook Group
  • Over $5,000 in sales within two weeks of posting new content created by RMCS, an immediate ROI, and earning almost all of her investment in the Full-Day Shoot back within two weeks
  • Both major programs sold out, or were 90% sold out before her program start dates

Brand Videos for Social Media and Website