10 Ideas to Spook Up Your Social Media Posts Next Month

Was that a slight chill in the air? 

Okay, we know that places like Florida and California are laughing at that idea, but fall is fast approaching and we all know that means that spooky season is right around the corner.

Here at RM Creatives Services, we love this time of year. The colors, the clothes, the jewelry, the vibe, it’s our favorite. And we want to help you make the most of it, especially in the social media sphere.

The fall and Halloween season is arguably one of the most fun for social media content creation, whether you are an alternative brand or not. The popularity of Halloween and fall means that incorporating spooky content into your social media calendar is a great way to get people’s attention.As always, we can help you with any and all content creation needs for social media for Halloween. If you need a place to start while building out your calendar for the next month and a half, just keep reading for some intriguing ideas to kick things off.

10 Halloween content ideas for social media

  1. Get into the spirit with spooky-style photos: This is the best time to break out the camera and have a seasonal photoshoot. Whether the photos are of yourself, your team, or even your merchandise, creating and posting seasonally themed photographs is a great idea. You’ll want to choose darker colors such as blacks, greens, reds and even deep purples to incorporate into the photos. Make sure to consider your location or background too–some options you might try include historical Victorian or Edwardian venues, forests, alleys, etc. As long as you are safe and you have the right equipment, you can get photographs that suit the spooky season and make them work for you.
  2. Encourage your followers to share their favorite ghost stories: We all love a good ghost story. There are many of us who have fun memories of telling them late at night at a sleepover. You can find them all over the internet today, too. Get everyone into the storytelling spirit by sharing your favorite scary tale and encouraging them to do the same. This isn’t only fun and engaging, but it is also a great way to get some content to use for later.
  3. Reshare others’ posts that are on theme for the season: Resharing posts from other people or brands helps populate your feed with content that is right for the season. What’s more, this is an easier way to improve activity on your feed, help brands that you enjoy, and engage with your followers. 
  4. Promote products or limited-time discounts that fit the spooky season: Now is the time to promote fall- or Halloween-themed merchandise, music, etc. Items like jewelry made of bone, rings with fangs, blood-red lipstick, or ethereal music albums are going to be the kinds of things that a larger number of people are looking for right now. You can even group multiple items together and offer them for a limited-time discount until the deal “disappears” on Halloween.
  5. Come up with some fun and creepy captions and hashtags: Let the creativity flow and brainstorm fun captions and hashtags that are a good match for both the photo/video they are paired with and the season. As JC Social Media puts it in their article, “Think beyond #halloween and #scary to make the most impact and mix up popular and more niche hashtags.” For example:
    • Sharing a photo of a Jack-O-Lantern and pairing it with a caption of “We are ready! Only #10daystillHalloween so it is time to start carving.”
    • Creating a seasonally themed outfit with clothes that you sell captioned with “Every day is a good day to wear black.” #spookyseason #witchyvibes
    • Sharing a blog about your favorite fall food recipe with the hashtag #somethingtosinkyourfangsinto
  6. Create a discussion about favorite costumes: You can also engage your followers by getting them to talk about what their favorite Halloween costume was growing up and to share a photo if they have it. Make sure to pair this with a hashtag that users can include when they post their photos to garner user-generated content and increase traffic and engagement for your brand.
  7. Post spooky or seasonally-themed blog posts: Maybe you took those ghost stories that people shared with you and created a series of blog posts with them. Or perhaps you have a blog discussing the origin story of some of the seasonal traditions that people in your area observe. Make sure to share blogs like this on your social media platforms. Whether it focuses on Halloween, autumn, or just pumpkins, if it fits in with the season, now is the time to add a post about it into your social media content calendar.
  8. Create a voting bracket for choosing Halloween favorites: Brackets aren’t just for sports teams anymore; you can create one of your own for anything you want that is on-theme for the season. Create voting brackets for things like Halloween candy, horror movies, fall foods and drinks. Make sure to keep up engagement by updating brackets each week until one choice wins.
  9. Build a Pinterest board of autumnal outfits or home decor ideas: This is another great way to promote products if you sell things like clothes, jewelry or alternative oddities. Building Pinterest boards provides inspiration, increases engagement from followers, and can also be shared in blogs and other social media posts.
  10. Share different fall or Halloween facts over the coming weeks: Do you have a lot of alternative knowledge or maybe even just know a lot about Halloween? We would say share it! For example, did you know there are charnel houses in Europe that are decorated with human bones? Or that in Ireland, people originally used turnips for Jack-O-Lanterns? Create a series of posts that share your knowledge and pair them with your photography that fits the theme or create a graphic of the fact with a background image and text.

There is definitely more than one way to bring the spooky season into your brand’s social media feed. Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, you can start letting some of these ideas creep into your content calendar and help you increase your engagement, audience numbers and brand visibility. This is the best time of year for content planning, so let the Halloween season inspire you to be the most creative brand possible and just have fun with it! 

Stuck in a rut and not sure where to start? We can help. If you need help with your social media content strategy for Halloween (and beyond) you can reach out to us for ideas, planning guides and more. We are here to help you grow your brand year-round!

Contact RM Creatives Services today by emailing rachael@rmcsofficial.com or visiting our Contact page.

Written by Brianna Fries, a California-based writer, editor, bookworm, and mother of two. You can reach out to her at brianna@rmcsofficial.com or discover more of her work at briwritesthings.com

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