Introducing ‘Big Vocalist Energy’: A RM Creative Services Podcast Featuring Foxblood Founder Lindsay Hearts

Welcome to “Big Vocalist Energy” – a new interview-style podcast series that celebrates the voices of successful, unconventional entrepreneurs.

In this series, we’ll be exploring the journeys of incredible founders who have taken ownership of their stages, much like rock vocalists, and risen to the top of their industries.

Our first guest is none other than Lindsay Hearts, founder and lead designer of Foxblood, an alternative, size-inclusive fashion company for babes who wear black.

Big Vocalist Energy: A RM Creative Services Podcast featuring Foxblood's founder and lead designer Lindsay Hearts

We’re going to be talking to Lindsay about her CEO journey, from launching the brand and continuous growth over the years, despite being turned down by countless publicists for being “too weird.”

Tune in and watch the full interview via our Vimeo page, and be inspired by the amazing grit and perseverance behind this visionary leader.

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