What To Know About Brand Photography & How It Pays Off

What are you more likely to pay attention to – a photo that clearly conveys the brand that you’ve built, or a photo that gives a vague idea of…something?

Chances are, you’d choose the first one and that is exactly why brand photography is important to any brand or business out there. Done right, this type of photography helps your brand translate its core messaging and increase awareness around what and “who” it is.  

There are a lot of details that go into your branding. The photos that advertise your story, products, or services need to encapsulate all them. 

And it’s about more than just the lighting.

We’re diving into why it is a smart idea to get professional brand photos, just how far those photos can go, and giving you a few tips to make your photography session go smoothly.

Brand photography can boost your business

These aren’t just random photos. Branded photos are meant to tie into your brand’s visual identity. Whether the photos focus on people or products, they need to convey details that match your brand’s identity. This is done through colors, lighting, angles, props, and more.

Expert photography sessions are an investment. While using your cellphone camera is free, you don’t get the expertise, guidance, and creative planning that comes with an expert photographer. Yes, brand photography is an investment but you should also know that it will pay you back over time.

As Iska Birnie points out in her LinkedIn article, “Investing in brand photography is one of the best ways to elevate your brand’s visuals and increase your potential as a service provider or freelancer… [As] many as 60% of people who search for services online say they would prefer to get in touch with a business if their website includes images of them.”

How branded photos helps

Let’s get into the specifics. What are the actual benefits that you can glean from investing in a full-blown photography session? When done right, on-brand photos can help to…

  • Establish your brand’s credibility: When you work with an expert, your brand’s visual identity should come through in those photos. This translates consistency to your audience and in turn helps to build up your credibility too. There are very few of us who would trust someone who behaved differently each day, so you shouldn’t expect your audience to either. 
  • Showcase what you have to offer: Images that clearly portray your products or services will be extremely helpful to your audience. Product photos let your customers see what your items look like and give them an idea of their size in some cases too. In a similar vein, pictures that represent your services, say a massage session or training routine, makes it easier for clients to visualize what they may be able to expect from you.
  • Create positive first impressions: Let’s say someone is new to your business. If their first impression of your brand comes from a photo of a product, do you really want that photo to run the risk of being off-brand and setting the wrong tone for their experience with you? Probably not! Professional brand photos ensure you make a good first impression and should make it clear to your audience the kind of business they may work with moving forward.

Both Outsourced Fashion Consulting and Woodland Shrine experienced the difference of what good branded photography can make firsthand.  

You may not be selling your brand photos as physical prints (or you might), but if those photos are truly on-brand and used in the right ways, you are sure to enjoy a high-value return on your investment. 

Figuring out what photos to take

Since branded photography can include a variety of images, you should consider what you need your photos for. If you are having trouble narrowing that down, a professional photographer will be able to help you figure out what may be the best use of that roll of film. 

In most cases though, branded photos that truly match your visual identity can be used for various marketing needs. These include:

  • Website imagery: Use them as a page’s hero image or pop them into the body of a webpage to break up the text and provide visual representations of what is being discussed.
  • Social media content: One of the most popular ways to make use of brand photos is on social media. Whether you are making a collage, pairing specific photos with different captions, or taking another approach, you can use this visual content to bolster your social media content calendar. This also makes it far easier to establish your brand’s visual identity on your chosen platforms. 
  • Product photo carousels: Getting photos of your products or representing your services? This is ideal to use on your website, as photo carousels show your products in all kinds of lighting, colors, angles, and maybe even showing it in use. Using the photos this way can also help increase the chances that your audience will make that final purchase.

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer what is possible for your session. Consults are a part of the RM Creative Services photography and videography packages for a reason–you deserve to know what you can expect from your session.

Our tips for a good shoot

Ready to get a photo session booked? You can a use our Photoshoot Checklist and these quick tips to make sure that you are fully prepared:

  • Have your visual identity details solidified: We’re going to be honest, if you’re still figuring out big branding details like your colors or overall “vibe”, then you may want to wait on this. Brand photos will be the best investment of your funds when you can use them repeatedly because they continue to match your brand’s identity. You can always check out our blog on Brand Building for a few added tips to make sure you have all the necessary details figured out.
  • Bring any must-have props, products, etc.: The setting of a photoshoot can be a great way to establish visual details that match your brand. But there’s nothing wrong with incorporating items that reinforce those ideas. Elements such as the clothes you wear or the flowers or books you include in pictures can be extremely beneficial to taking those visuals to the next level. And, obviously, if you market a wearable product, now is the time to wear it.
  • Work with a photographer who knows what they’re doing: You should work with a professional first and foremost. It is also important to make sure that you work with someone who will prioritize bringing your vision to life. An expert will take your visual identity details and be able to add them into the photos to ensure everything is cohesive with your brand. What’s more, if you are the one in front of the camera, a good photographer should make sure you’re comfortable, too.

Prices may vary

As with many different services, prices can vary when you are looking for brand photography. This can be determined based on the amount of time allotted for the photo session, what add-in services are included, how many photos are promised to be delivered, what is being photographed, and other details.

You will need a budget for expert brand photography. Investing in the right photographer can leave you with high-quality imagery that can bolster your brand’s visual identity in both digital and real-world applications.

Considering booking an appointment for a brand photography session? It may feel like a big(ger) leap. When you work with RM Creative Services, you’ll experience the difference of working with professionals who know how to help put the spotlight on your brand in the best way. Any photography session with us will remind you that what you have to offer rocks.

Contact RM Creative Services by sending a message to rachael@rmcsofficial.com or visiting our Contact page.

Written by Brianna Fries, a California-based writer, editor, bookworm, and mother of two. You can contact her at brianna@rmcsofficial.com and discover more of her work at brigibbsis.wordpress.com.

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